Marines Overhaul Tattoo Policy

Among the restrictions, Marines can’t have tattoos on their head, neck and mouth area

The Marine Corps has rolled out a new policy for service members who want tattoos.

The memo to service members was sent out Friday and seeks to “ensure that all Marines with tattoos adhere to the policy outlined in this bulletin in order to maintain the disciplined appearance expected of our profession.”

The new policy puts limitations on where service members can have tattoos on their bodies, as well as the number they can have.

Among the restrictions, Marines can’t have tattoos on their heads, necks and mouth areas. They also can’t have tattoos above their collarbones.

Tattoos on “the chest or back must be covered by wearing a properly fitting crewneck T-shirt with no portion of the tattoo showing,” the memo states.

In addition, Marines cannot have full, single-band arm tattoos.

The new policy is among a growing movement of the military to clarify body art guidelines as it seeks to attract millennials.

In April, the Navy rolled out a new policy, loosening its stance on tattoos.

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