Marine Killed by Off-Duty Baltimore Cop

A U.S. Marine shot at 13 times at close range by an off-duty Baltimore city police officer was set to travel to San Diego for his son's 8th grade graduation.

Tyrone Brown, 32, had served two tours of duty in Iraq. He was scheduled to visit San Diego this week to celebrate his son's 8th grade graduation.

Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Brown made advances toward a woman outside a Baltimore nightclub. He reportedly patted the woman on her rear end. The woman happened to be with a Baltimore police officer who was off duty, according to investigators.

Brown's sister was with the Marine and says it was a misunderstanding. She said her brother tried to apologize but shots rang out.

Brown was shot hit by bullets six times at close range in the chest and groin, and died from his injuries.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Brown, his wife and their eight-year-old daughter were scheduled to fly to San Diego this week to attend the 8th grade graduation of his son from a previous relationship.

The officer identified as Gahiji Tshamba is a 15-year veteran of the police. The Sun reported that Tshamba refused to give detectives a statement and declined to take a breath test.  Tshamba, according to police officials has been involved in at least one prior police-involved shooting.

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