City Orders Closure of Four Marijuana Dispensaries

The City Attorney’s office obtained court orders to shut down four marijuana dispensaries it says are illegally in business this week. They are located in the Mission Valley, Mount Hope and Pacific Beach neighborhoods.

The actions are part of a concentrated effort to shut down more than 200 shops operating without permits since 2010.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the illegal dispensaries are a threat to neighborhood safety.

"Marijuana dispensaries, like any other business, must obtain proper permits and conform to zoning regulations,” he said. “There is now a process for legally zoned dispensaries and that process should be followed."

The four dispensaries closed this week:

Planet Greens, 936 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach

Dank on Turquoise, 841 Turquoise Street in Pacific Beach

Market Greens, 4255 Market Street in Mount Hope

Kindest Meds, 3455 Camino del Rio South in Mission Valley

The process of closing a dispensary begins with the city obtaining temporary a restraining order against the dispensary, which then has 24 hours to close.

"We've had success at shutting down illegal dispensaries using the swiftest and most effective due process available through the courts," Goldsmith said. "Our lawyers have achieved a nearly 100 percent success rate in cases referred to us for prosecution."

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