Pile of Pot Found on Lakeside Street After Dispensary Burglary

Investigators found a pile of pot down the street from the dispensary

Clumps of pot were found scattered on the street in Lakeside Friday after someone broke into a nearby medical marijuana dispensary.

One man was arrested following the break-in at Aurora Green's Dispensary.

San Diego County sheriff's deputies were called to Los Coches Road around 4 a.m. after a nearby resident heard what sounded like a group of people near the business.

Deputies set up a perimeter and discovered a hole in the shop's back door. They say they also found a pile of pot down the street and a man hiding in the bushes on Snow White Drive.

The suspect was later identified as Wendell Coleman, 37, deputies said.

Investigators say Coleman had about four pounds of marijuana along with baked marijuana goods on him. The owner of the dispensary told deputies the products belonged to the store.

The amount stolen was estimated at $45,000. No one was injured.

According to the property manager, Aurora Green's Dispensary had just opened on Monday, and sheriff's officials said it was operating illegally. 

Deputies were granted a search warrant for the business and for the home of the owner Blanca Estela Chavez. 

Inside the dispensary, deputies confiscated 1-1/2 pounds of processed marijuana and an unspecified amount of concentrated cannabis wax. 

Chavez, 47, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for sales and possession of concentrated cannabis. 

A cease and desist order was also delivered to Chavez. 

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