San Diego

Pro-Palestinian March in Downtown San Diego

NBC Universal, Inc.

A large crowd marched through the streets of downtown San Diego Tuesday afternoon in an apparent show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Flyers shared on social media by the Palestine Youth Movement (PYM) promoted a demonstration at the federal building on Front Street "in solidarity with the Palestine uprising & general strike."

Fighting between Israel and the militant group Hamas has killed more than 100 people, with the death toll largely among Palestinians, over the past few days, with an exchange of airstrikes and rocket fire escalating to mob violence in the streets. Whether Americans know it or not, our country is already embroiled in this conflict, explains NBC News and MSNBC foreign correspondent Matt Bradley.

A PYM spokesperson said the demonstration was a response to "escalating Israeli aggression in Jerusalem and Gaza."

Mounting international calls for a cease-fire, including from U.S. President Joe Biden, have been ignored so far.

Similar demonstrations were held in 50 other cities in U.S. and Canada, the spokesperson said.

No other information was available.

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