President Donald Trump Supporters Rally in San Diego

Two separate pro-Trump rallies were held in downtown San Diego on March 4 -- a day of nationwide gatherings in support of President Donald Trump

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered Saturday in downtown San Diego for a march aimed at showing solidarity with the POTUS. 

The March 4 Trump: San Diego event was held at Ruocco Park in downtown San Diego. Trump supporters wore patriotic red, white and blue clothing and waved American flags and "Trump" banners.

“Let’s support our president and stop the hate!” organizers of the march said in a press release, adding that the event was an effort to unite citizens of the U.S.

"USA! USA! USA!" the group chanted as their event got underway.

Point Loma real estate agent Dawn Mayo was among those who marched in support of Trump. She said she appreciates the way in which Trump carries himself and handles business.

“I love Trump. He’s the perfect man, the perfect President and I believe in every single thing he says and does,” said Mayo. “He’s a businessman and he just has it. He’s just got it going on. He says it the way it is.”

Elizabeth Torphy, from Orange County, drove to San Diego for the event.

Wearing a shirt that read "Make America Great Again," she told NBC 7 that, as a Trump supporter, she wants her voice heard.

“There are so many pro-Trump supporters out there, and we need to be heard. I want our voices to be heard," said Torphy. "I say, ‘My vote, my voice.’ And that’s what I mean, my voice counts.”

She said events like March 4 Trump make her feel as if the pro-Trump movement is gaining ground.

“We’re getting louder. We’ve been drowned out for so long,” she added, saying that it's time to focus on positivity.

“I’m proud to be American – and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think it’s a wonderful thing to be proud to be American," Torphy said.

Kerry Lewis was also happy to have his voice heard.

"We’re the silent majority," he said, referring to Trump supporters. "Trump went after the electoral vote – he won it."

Lewis said he believes Trump is exactly what the U.S. needs at the moment.

“Trump is a businessman. This country needs a businessman to run it,” he told NBC 7.

The San Diego march was among many happening nationwide, as the March 4 Trump movement unfolded across other states Saturday, too.

At noon, another separate pro-Trump event – the “Spirit of America Rally” – was scheduled downtown, at the Embarcadero Marina Park South near the San Diego Convention Center.

“Bring your families, friends and Trump supporters for a day of sharing American values with everyday people,” organizers of that event said in a press release. “Feel free to bring chairs, picnic items, and your positive American Spirit to celebrate and support our president.”

While the pro-Trump rallies happened in downtown San Diego, another group – those against Trump – rallied in Ocean Beach.

The “March 4 Impeachment” gathering included demonstrators spelling out the word “IMPEACH” by standing in a formation on the beach, replicating a similar demonstration recently held at a beach in San Francisco when people spelled out "RESIST!!" on the sand.

“The ‘March 4 Impeachment’ is just one of thousands of events to promote the efforts to resist the Trump agenda. We resist his misogynistic, xenophobic, and climate denial policies to name a few,” organizers of this rally said in a press release.

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