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Water Bill Complaints Reported by Neighborhood: MAP

NBC 7 Responds receives a breakdown of water billing complaints divided by each San Diego City Council District.

NBC 7 Responds had heard from people who thought they were the only ones experiencing water bill problems but now, the numbers show complaints were reported in every city council district. 

On Tuesday evening, the Public Utilities Department released numbers to NBC 7 Responds showing the different types of complaints reported since January 27.

The Water Department says the information will be updated weekly and distributed to the city council. 

To see how many complaints were reported in your area, look below or click here

After reviewing the numbers, here are some of the new facts we’ve learned: 

  • Since the end of January, the city water department received 491 complaints citywide. The complaints originated from community forums, the mayor's office and each city council office.

  • Over 80% or 396 complaints reported were for high water use spikes reported in one or more bi-monthly bills. Out of those complaints, 48% are considered resolved while 42% still being worked on.

  • A majority of the complaints were reported in City Council District Five or the Rancho Bernardo, Scripps Ranch neighborhoods. Less than half of those complaints have been resolved.

  • Council District Six or Mira Mesa and surrounding neighborhoods saw the second highest number of complaints. 65-percent of those complaints are considered resolved.

  • Out of 491 complaints, 45 centered around "meter misread or functionality" problems. Of those, 78% have been resolved.

  • Across the city, 52% of the complaints filed with the city's water department are considered resolved or completed.

  • Water officials say they are still waiting on dozens of customers to call them back with more information, in order to complete or resolve their problems.
To see all of the records released to NBC 7 Responds, click here.
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