Many San Diegans Turned Away From County COVID-19 Test Sites Due to Time Constraints

The Border View YMCA location was supposed to be open until 5 p.m, but stopped allowing people to join the long line formed outside around 4:45 p.m. A county spokesperson told NBC 7 the site could only accommodate up to a certain number of people before end of day.

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For one reason or another, people waited in a line that reached the sidewalk, for a COVID-19 PCR test at the Border View YMCA in Otay Mesa.

“My wife she was just positive last week, so I really had to make sure I’m good,” said Corey Barrs. “Just for the peace of mind. Especially for work and being around family and friends for the holidays. It’s been crazy.”

Mike Metzig told NBC 7 his employer would only accept a PCR test negative result, not an at-home rapid antigen test.

“The reason I got tested. It was for work. I wasn’t feeling good after spending some time with family during Christmas and just wanted to get tested," said Metzig.

In the days leading up to Christmas, at-home tests were flying off the shelves and many stores were out of stock, as people wanted to be safe when they gathered with friends and family.

On Sunday, groups of people were encountering the same type of luck.

“I just got there and they told me I wasn’t able to get in line,” said Bryan Maldonado.

The county of San Diego's website listed operating hours until 5 p.m., but around 4:45 p.m. a security guard instructed people they were no longer accepting any walk-ups to the line.

“We drove all the way down here in a hurry because a friends of ours that lives with us, her brother got Covid,” said Maldonado.

Several people were upset and disappointed when they were turned away. A handful of people told NBC 7 they were not allowed to join the line because the site had run out of tests.

A county spokesperson, Mike Workman, said the reason for people being turned away, was because they could only fit so many more in before 5 p.m. Workman told NBC 7, 700 people countywide were tested Sunday.

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