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Man Beaten With Bat When He Interrupted Mission Valley Burglary

In what the victim described it as a moment of desperation, he begged the men not to shoot him

A Mission Valley man says he was hit with an aluminum bat and threatened with a gun after he walked in on two burglars ransacking his home.

The victim, identified as Martin, said his head was down when he walked into his home at the River Colony Condos last Friday night. He was immediately struck in the head with the bat and found himself on the ground begging the burglars to spare his life.

“He yelled out ‘Shoot him! Shoot him!’ At which point I just looked over my shoulder to see another individual standing right over me. I could see the barrel of a gun,” Martin said.

In what Martin described it as a moment of desperation, he begged the man not to shoot him.

“I thought that was it,” he said. Martin said the gunman was attempting to pull the trigger but the gun never went off.

“I just thought about my son and my family, and just knowing that I was probably not going to see them again. That was probably the hardest thing to kind of face,” he said.

Martin says he was able to take the bat from one of the suspects and hit him in his legs or midsection before the two of them made their escape through his sliding door.

He said they entered his home through his bedroom window. They took a PlayStation 4, laptop and several watches, items Martin says are not worth anyone's life.

It was dark in Martin’s home when he walked in and he was not able to get a good look at the two suspects.

The best he could do was describe one of the men as between 5 feet 9inches and 6 feet tall, weighing about 200 pounds.

Police haven't made any arrests.

Martin says that in the past year In the last year he has had his car broken into in the complex's secured parking garage, and says someone also attempted to take his bike from his balcony.

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