Manhunt on For Sex Assault Suspect

Neighbors in shock following attack

Authorities are looking for a man who attacked a woman in broad daylight in her apartment on UCSD property.

It happened about 3:30 p.m. Friday at the Mesa residential apartments on the 9200 block of Regents Road. The apartments are on UCSD property and are used by graduate students and their families, said campus spokesperson Rex Graham.

A police source said the woman had just come home and when she opened the front door, she didn't realize a man had followed her into her apartment.  The man was armed with a knife, and quickly tied the victim up.  He tried to rape her, but she kept resisting, so he left, the police source said.

Jennifer Merryman said a man matching the suspect's description tried to block her from leaving the parking lot earlier in the week.

"He stopped right in front of me it was really strange, so I went up on the curb because he kind of freaked me out," she said.

San Diego Police say the woman did not suffered serious injuries. But many residents in the area are afraid the man will strike again.
The suspect was described as white, 20-30 years old, 5'6 with brown hair and a goatee. He was wearing a white baseball cap, a white Chargers t-shirt, jeans, a backpack and was carrying a knife.

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