Man Crashes Into Home, Tries to “Hug It Out”

The car crashed into the home on Greyling Drive in Serra Mesa around midnight.

Moments after a car crashed into a home in San Diego's Serra Mesa community, the driver began apologizing and kept trying to hug the homeowner and other people at the scene.

“I just heard this huge noise and the house just started shaking," said homeowner Ian Jones.

Jones was awake and approximately 25 feet from where the car jumped the curb and smashed into the side of the home on Greyling Drive around midnight on Monday.

"I just heard this screech, and obviously it was cars I could hear them going really fast, and then all of a sudden, just bang,” Jones said.

His two children, ages 4 and 6, slept through the crash.

Jones said he told the driver to get out of the car because he was worried about some gas lines near where the car hit.

Jones said the driver smelled like alcohol and kept apologizing, and trying to hug people at the scene.

When police arrived, they arrested the 20-year-old driver on suspicion of DUI.

The driver did give Jones some sort of an explanation as to what happened.

"All he kept saying was that his friend should have told him he was going to turn right,” Jones said. “Well, there's a stop sign there. So, you know you could have stopped and turned right."

No one was in the room where the car hit, and nobody was hurt.

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