Man Who Plead Guilty to Illegally Selling Butane Sentenced

BK Power Imports and Kown were sued in 2015 because of a fire and explosion that occurred when two people were making hash oil using power butane

The owner of a company who pleaded guilty to illegally selling thousands of butane canisters to smoke shops was sentenced in a San Diego court Friday.

Bosco Kwon, 53, received three-years’ probation in addition to the $1,026,614 and 94,152 canisters he agreed to forfeit last February.

Kwon, whose company BK Imports was the nation’s largest supplier of butane that is specifically used in the making of hash oil, admitted he sold the product knowing it would be illegally used for that purpose.

In his plea agreement, Kwon admitted the manufacture of hash oil poses a significant risk of fires and explosions.

Kwon’s company sold butane illegally to wholesalers and retailers in San Diego County and throughout the United States and imported more than 350,000 canisters of butane into the country each month, according to the plea agreement.

Since 2011, 4 deaths and 29 serious injuries in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington have been attributed to the manufacture of hash oil using Power butane. It has also caused 54 fires.

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