San Diego

Man Who Kissed Teen in Kaiser Zion Hospital Elevator Arrested: Crime Stoppers

The man who police detectives say hugged and kissed a teenager uninvitingly in a hospital elevator in August has been arrested, according to Crime Stoppers.

Police say the man got into an elevator at Kaiser Zion Hospital at around 10:40 a.m. on Aug. 25 with two 13-year-old females already inside.

Once inside, the man tried to hug and kiss both victims and was successful in kissing one of the victim's hair, police said. He also told both of them they "looked pretty" and that he wanted to have sex with them, according to police.

The girls reported that there was an elderly couple also inside of the elevator along with the suspect and the victims, according to a police investigator. 

Surveillance video captured images of the suspect. 

"Review of the surveillance video reveals that the suspect was in the hospital for about 45 minutes. He entered wearing shorts and left wearing scrub pants," said SDPD Lt. Jason Weeden. "The suspect is not an employee of the hospital and has never been seen before."

The elevator stopped on the main lobby floor where the suspect got out and left toward the parking lot, police said. 

The two teenage girls told their family, who then called the San Diego Police Department. 

The suspect fled the area before officers arrived, police said.

Crime Stoppers said Monday that the man was arrested but didn't release any additional details.

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