Man Wanted for Indecent Exposure at Rancho Bernardo Community Park

The incident happened in Rancho Bernardo Community Park on July 4th

San Diego police are looking for a man wanted for indecent exposure in Rancho Bernardo Community Park. 

The incident happened on Fourth of July around 5:00 p.m., police said.

Bob Noe was sitting in his car when the suspect walked up to him. They talked for a few minutes and then things took a bad turn.

"I saw him massaging his groin area on the front of his pants," Noe said.

The man then allegedly unzipped his pants and motioned to Noe to look down at his private area.

Noe said the man then asked him if he was interested in what he saw.

"At that point, I said 'Absolutely not and get out of here and leave me alone,'" Noe said.

Noe said he called the police and reported the incident but the man has not been arrested yet. He added he is concerned he may strike again.

"You just find the whole thing pretty perverse and disgusting actually...that he does that in broad daylight right on a holiday, you know," Noe said. 

The suspect is described as having dark hair, about 180 pounds and 5-feet 5-inches in height. Police say the man was driving a white Nissan Sentra with a Mexico license plate J67-NRK-7.

If you have any information on this case, please you are asked to contact SDPD at (619)531-2000.

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