Man Stabbed in Throat at Trolley Station

A 45-year-old was stabbed in the back

Police have arrested a suspect thought to have stabbed a man at the Old Town trolley station Monday.

The same suspect is also accused of carjacking a car while fleeing the trolley station.

A news photographer noticed the car on the shoulder of I-805 and Mesa College Dr., after officers issued a description and called police, officers said.

Police started a full search of the canyon and found the suspect near 7800 Mission Center Drive.

It all started about 12:30, when officers say the suspect stabbed a 45-year-old victim in the throat with a knife.

One witness said it appeared to happen out of the blue.

"It was totally unprovoked," trolley passenger Vince Jones said. "The guy didn't do anything he just walked up to him and stabbed him."

The suspect ran to 4800 Pacific Highway where he came across a victim of hit-and-run accident, who was sitting in his car. The suspect punched the victim of the hit-and-run accident in the chest then forced victim out of his car. The suspect then stole the hit-and-run victim’s car and drove north on Pacific Highway.

The stolen vehicle was described as a white 1992 Buick sedan with CA Disabled Person’s plate #37915DP.

Police have described the suspect as a black male between ages 30 and 40. He is roughly 6’1” and weighs between 230 and 240 pounds. Witnesses also described him as very agitated.

The both victims were transported to a nearby hospital, no word on his medical condition.

This is the second stabbing near a trolley station this month.

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