Man Sought in Robbery Outside Senior Housing Complex in El Cajon

El Cajon police are looking for a man who approached an elderly woman using a walker, opened the storage area of the walker, rummaged around in it and walked off with the woman's wallet. 

The entire robbery took just minutes and was captured on security camera. 

The resident of the Salvation Army Senior Living Home in El Cajon told the building superintendent that the man who stopped her, opened her walker and stole her wallet seemed like a nice man.

The 97-year-old woman used to take walks around the building until she was approached by a young man in October on the sidewalk behind the complex. 

Security camera video shows the man walk closer to her and then open the storage seat of the walker and reach inside. 

The woman told building superintendent Alex Harmon that she believed the man was interested in her walker. 

"After this incident, she doesn't go out there no more," Harmon said.

Harmon is hopeful for an arrest because he said he has seen this man harass his residents four times since October. 

In a separate incident on Christmas Eve, a resident told the superintendent that a man snatched the cross off of her neck.

"We hope, we pray," he said. "Because this guy needs to be caught." 

El Cajon police confirmed one person has been arrested for robberies in the area of the Salvation Army Senior Living Home but they have not confirmed the man in custody is the man involved in the robberies near the senior complex.

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