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Man Shot, Killed by Deputy in Alpine: SDSO

A man was shot and killed by a deputy at an apartment complex in Alpine Monday afternoon, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department confirmed.

The shooting happened at around 3 p.m. at a complex on the 2600 block of Alpine Boulevard, according to the SDSO.

Deputies responded to the complex after hearing multiple reports from neighbors saying they heard a man screaming and saying that he was going to kill someone.

SDSO Lt. Michael Blevins said the suspect, identified by family as 30-year-old Daniel Ayala, lunged at responding deputies with a knife before he was shot by multiple deputies outside of his apartment.

Paramedics rendered aid to Ayala, but he was pronounced dead, Lt. Blevins said.

A family member of the suspect told NBC 7 they were called to the scene to pick up Ayala's 4-year-old son at 5 p.m. They said they found out from local media that Ayala was killed instead of hearing it from SDSO officials.

They also said they've received conflicting information from officials since they've been at the scene.

"They are saying that it happened outside and then someone else is saying it happened inside," Ayala's uncle Juan Ruiz said.

His cousin Vanessa Moore said the family's been told by one official that Ayala's body was at the hospital and that it was still inside the apartment by another.

"If someone comes out with a knife, you don't shoot them over 10 times," Moore said. "It just doesn't make sense. Even if he was upset. We all get upset."

Deputies could not confirm how many times Ayala was shot or if a weapon was recovered. They also did not say where Ayala's son was when the shooting happened, or if the deputies who fired the shots were wearing body cameras.

The boy was reunited with his mother, according to the family.

No deputies were injured in the incident.

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