Man Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy to Prostitute Young Girls

A local man was sentenced to 10 years behind bars on Monday for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children in San Diego and Oceanside.

Eric Watkins, 21, also known as “Crank Moe” and “Cali Made Crankk” and Ricardo Borjor quez (24) would approach young girls and women on the trolley or on social media to recruit them for prostitution. Between Sept. 11-13 in 2014, Watkins and Borjorquez conspired to commit sex trafficking crimes against two 15-year old girls.

The men held a girl against her will at Borjorquez’s apartment in San Diego, forced her to call her father and say she would not be coming home before taking away her cell phone. They then threatened the girl and told her she would be working for them as a prostitute. A second girl, who had a long history of prostituting herself for Watkins, was also present in the apartment.

On Sept. 13, the men took the girls to Oceanside to make money by prostituting them. One girl was able to run a bar in Oceanside and call her father to pick her up.

Borjorquez was sentenced to six and a half year in jail on April 25 of this year while Watkins was sentenced on Monday to 10 years.

Both will need to register as sex offenders upon their release from jail and will be placed on eight years of supervised release.

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