Man Pinned By Car in Dentist's Office Dies

The man who was pinned against a wall in a Tierrasanta dentist's office earlier this month has died from his injuries. The 59-year-old Spring Valley man has not been identified. 

On April 15, an 86-year-old woman hit the gas instead of the brake, plowing into the Tierrasanta dentist office, pinning the man in the waiting room against a wall and injuring a worker, firefighters said.

The man was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital with multiple fractures and organ damage, according to the Medical Examiner. He also went into cardiopulmonary arrest on April 17 and has been kept alive on machines since then.

The driver looked as if she was going to park in a disabled parking spot on Tierrasanta Blvd., but instead started to accelerate, according to a witness.

“Over the curb, over the next curb and went through the pillar and into the building and crashed through the window,” Justin Adams said. “The wall was all broken and that’s why we didn’t try to pull him out or anything because we didn’t know what could potentially happen."

The injured worker in the office suffered only minor injuries, according to fire officials.

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