San Diego

Man Loses Wallet, Prized Possessions in Car Break-In

One North County man was served a double dose of bad luck after his car was stolen in unincorporated Escondido.

Not only did someone use Adam El-Hayek's credit card at a local Wal-Mart, but El-Hayek said he had his life passion taken from him – his camera and photography equipment.

El-Hayek said he packed his camera gear inside his car on the morning of June 12 for a photo shoot that night. But before he could go out and capture memories, someone broke into his Honda.

El-Hayek was notified someone used his credit card to buy $1,000 worth of electronics.

What hurt El-Hayek the most, though, was that he lost his beloved camera equipment, including a $2,000 camera lens he was using to help transition into wedding photography.

“It really puts a stop to any momentum you have not being able to do what you love on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “So, it’s kind of taking its toll.”

Though San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies haven't verified the man as a suspect, a man spotted on store security cameras could be a possible suspect.

“I'd like to see my stuff come back and ultimately be able to go back out and connect with people and let them see what I see and bring my passion out in the world again,” El-Hayek said.

El-Hayek said he had to disappoint clients and cancel photo shoots.

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