San Diego

Man Killed After 30 Foot Drop Into Marian Bear Memorial Park Identified: ME

A driver killed when he lost control of his car during a sharp curve, toppling off the State Route 52 on-ramp and onto a park below, has been identified. 

Aaron Tyler Trainor, 24, of San Diego, was behind the wheel of his car on Monday as he drove from Genesee Avenue in Clairemont onto the eastbound State Route 52 on-ramp at a high rate of speed, according to the Medical Examiner's office. 

Trainor, who lives in Clairemont with his father and uncle, tried to turn onto the on-ramp; however, he failed to negotiate the sharp turn correctly, the ME's office said. 

He lost control of his car, skidded across the road and struck a guardrail. The impact sent his car flying through the air, according to the ME's office. The car flipped and rolled down the embankment into Marian Bear Memorial Park. 

Officials from the San Diego Police Department, California Highway Patrol, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and paramedics responded to the scene. 

Trainor was pronounced dead at the scene. 

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