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Senior Severely Injured in SR-54 Crash Dies: Family

A medical transport van carrying the senior citizens crashed into a Honda Accord, and moments after, slammed into a big rig

An 87-year-old man, injured after the van he was riding in rolled across State Route 54 in Paradise Hills, has died, his family told NBC 7 Saturday.

California High Patrol (CHP) reported the crash happened at 10:40 a.m. Friday on the westbound lanes of the SR-54 near Woodman Avenue.

The medical transport van from Saint Paul’s PACE center in Chula Vista crashed into a Honda Accord, and moments after, slammed into a big rig.

The driver of the transport van, along with three of the seniors inside, suffered minor injuries. But the fourth senior citizen -- Tomas Medina -- suffered a concussion along with a severe cut to one of his legs.

Martin Duarte, Medina's grandson, told NBC 7 his grandfather is in bad shape.

“He is in pretty critical condition,” said Duarte. “He broke his femur. He has been losing a lot of blood; they have him on blood transfusions.”

Duarte said his grandfather also suffered brain bleeding.

“They are trying to get him stable enough to where they can do surgery,” he added.

As the day progressed, Medina's condition worsened. At 11:15 p.m., his family told NBC 7 that the senior citizen will be taken off of life support because the doctors told them he is too fragile to undergo surgery.

On Saturday, his family confirmed Medina had died.

Three other senior citizens involved in the crash are still recovering in the hospital.

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