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Man Held on $2M Bail for Randomly Attacking, Stabbing Woman 6 Times: DA

A man accused of attempted murder in the random stabbing of a County employee was held on $2 million bail in court Wednesday, according to the San Diego County District Attorney's office. 

Gregg Taylor, 57, allegedly stabbed the 59-year-old victim multiple times as she was getting out of her car early Monday morning near Morena Boulevard and Savannah Street in San Diego's Morena neighborhood, police said. 

At his arraignment Wednesday, Taylor pleaded not guilty to an attempted murder charge, prosecutors said. If convicted, he could face a maximum exposure of life in prison with the possibility of parole. 

The victim is a 25-year County of San Diego employee who works as a mental health specialist, Craig Sturak, Communications Officer Health and Human Services, confirmed to NBC 7.

As she was stepped out of her car that morning, Taylor allegedly stabbed her six times in the chest, neck and head, her family said. The victim remains hospitalized. 

Sturak say they have an employee program on site for any of their employees who get involved in situations like this, though this is a rare case. The management team will be talking to staff and revieiwng protocols in light of the incident. 

“We want to make everyone feel safe in the workplace,” Sturak said.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have more information to call them. 

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