Tree Trimmer Dies After Falling 50 Feet From La Jolla Palm Tree

A worker trimming a palm tree in La Jolla plummeted 50 feet and died Sunday, according to the San Diego Police Department.

The incident occurred on Neptune Place between Kolmar Street and Gravilla Street just after 11 a.m., officers said.

SDPD Acting Sgt. Brandon Broaddus said the man was 39 years old. He was with a co-worker at the time of his fall.

Two off-duty nurses who were driving by stopped to help, Broaddus told NBC 7. Shortly after performing life-saving measures, San Diego Lifeguards and paramedics also arrived.

The 39-year-old later died at the scene, Broaddus said.

His co-worker remained nearby as police investigated.

No other information was available at this time.

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