San Diego

Man Disrupts Live TV Report on Homeless Storage Facility Opening

A live report on the opening of a new storage facility of the homeless captured some of the activity residents have been concerned about when a man interrupted an NBC 7 news crew by cursing and yelling. 

Logan Heights and Sherman Heights residents have expressed concerns about sharing their neighborhood with a storage facility for the homeless.

Just last week, representatives from the city and its mental health services department took questions and comments from more than 40 homeowners who are worried about the facility opening Wednesday at 20th Street and Commercial.

Many neighborhood residents, and a nearby Catholic Church and school community have opposed it since its proposal, fearing the kind of people they say it might attract.

Five hundred homeless people will be permitted to store their things at the facility and must check in at least once every 90 days, city officials said.

The storage facility will have two security guards and 10 staffers during operating hours, and one security guard after hours.

A San Diego Housing Commission representative says staffers are well trained at handling mental health problems associated with homelessness.

She adds that while there are 500 storage bins, they are booking space by referrals only and at no time will there be 500 clients at once.

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