Man, Child Drowned in Fallbrook

Steven Luke

A Fourth of July fishing trip in Fallbrook turned tragic Saturday when a man and a child drowned.

The child, 3-year old Gabriel Ramos, lived with his mother and family in Perris. The family was visiting relatives in Fallbrook when the child and his uncle went down to the reservoir to fish. When family members went by to check on the pair, they found the child floating on the surface of the reservoir.

The family rushed the child to a nearby fire station just after 7 p.m. He was not breathing at that time. He was air lifted to Palomar Hospital where medical staff tried to resuscitate him but he was unable to be revived, according to the county's medical examiner.

The people inside the car told firefighters there were other drowning victims at the reservoir.

When firefighters arrived to the reservoir they launched a dive team and found Fernando Molina Azpeitia, 26, dead at the bottom of the reservoir, according to the medical examiner.

Firefighters suspect the child fell into the water and Azpeitia went in after him. "The sides of the reservoir are very slippery and difficult to get out once in the water," Nick Schuler of Cal Fire said in a release Sunday.

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