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Elderly Man and Caretaker Rescued After Del Mar Garage Fire

Firefighters rescued an elderly man and his caretaker who became trapped on the second story of a Del Mar home Sunday when a fire broke out in the home’s garage.

Flames tore through the multi-car garage of a beachfront home located in the 2700 block of Camino Del Mar at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the Del Mar Fire Department (DMFD) said.

An elderly homeowner and the woman who takes care of him became trapped on the second story of the home, DMFD said. 

Firefighters tried to reach the pair, but flames were too close to the home’s front door, DMFD said. Instead, crews used a ladder and were able to safely get them out of the home.

Firefighters quickly stopped the spread of flames before they reached the home. It took 20 minutes for crews to knock down the fire. 

Neighbor Neil Ponzio saw the flames from his window. 

"It's terrible to see that all burned," he told NBC 7. "It's not restorable, but everyone is alright, that's the main thing. These can be replaced. It's just stuff."

The man was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries and has since been released. 

A firefighter felt lightheaded and was also taken to the hospital as a precaution, DMFD said.

The fire destroyed much of the garage, including about four vehicles.

Investigators are still working to determine a cause.

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