Man Arrested at Occupy San Diego to Face Drug Possession Charges: Cops

Police say 28-year-old had narcotics without a prescription


San Diego police said that a man who was arrested early Saturday morning at the Occupy San Diego gathering outside the Civic Center will face drug charges.

The arrest happened at about 2:35 a.m. when officers approached Robert O’Grady, 28, who had rolled out a sleeping bag inside the Civic Center's Concourse area, said Officer Frank Cali of SDPD.

Officers asked O’Grady to leave the area, citing that protesters were told they were no longer able to sleep there, Cali said.

O’Grady reportedly refused to leave and minutes later officers arrested him.

After searching O’Grady, officers found he was in possession of narcotics without a prescription, according to Cali.

No injuries were reported during the arrest.

A video of the arrest was later uploaded to Youtube.

The arrest comes days after Occupy protesters announced they were seeking an injunction against the city asking that they be allowed to stay at the Civic Center 24 hours a day without the threat of being arrested for falling asleep or protesting.

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