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Man, Armed with Knife, Allegedly Kidnapped Girlfriend, Leading to SWAT Standoff: PD

A six-hour SWAT standoff in Rancho Bernardo Sunday afternoon started earlier that day when an armed man forced his girlfriend into his car and drove her around San Diego County for hours, sexually assaulting her at knife point, San Diego Police Lieutenant Misty Cedrun said. 

The two 19-year-olds, who were dating, were at a hotel Saturday evening when they had a discussion that did not go well, Cedrun said. 

The man, later identified as Anthony Brewer, became upset as the night went on and later forced her against her will into a car, Cedrun said. 

Brewer allegedly drove her across San Diego County for hours, pulling over at least two or three times and allegedly sexually assaulting the victim, police said. At the time, he was brandishing a knife. 

Sometime during her time in the car, Brewer allowed the victim to make a call to her family, and he agreed to take her back home, Cedrun said. 

When they got back home, a family friend decided to intervene by getting into the car.

Police believe Brewer then intentionally crashed the car at the intersection of Pomerado Road and Springfield Drive. He slammed into a passerby's car as well. 

People who saw the crash rushed to help.

"My dad got out of the car [and] ran towards them. I got out to see if they were okay," one witness said. "I saw him in the car but once they said he had a knife they told everyone to back away."

Another witness said a woman in the back was crying and yelling, "Please help me, I’m being kidnapped."

The witness said he pulled the woman out of the car while another passenger, presumably the family friend, restrained Brewer. The passenger tried to leave but police intervened.

The intersection was shut down for hours while police negotiated with the man. They also employed flash bangs to try to get him out.

Six hours later, at 6 p.m., the suspect got out of the car. 

Brewer, the woman he allegedly kidnapped and the woman in an SUV who was hit by the suspect were all taken to a hospital.

Brewer is charged with three counts of rape, one count of kidnapping with intent to rape, one count of terroristic threats, one count of felony spousal abuse, one count of false imprisonment and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. 

The investigation is underway. Anyone with information is asked to call police. 

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