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Man Accused of Flashing Drugs. Money, to Lure Kids Into Car, Pleads Not Guilty

The accused spent a week traveling to locations where young girls and boys would hang out, according to a Deputy District Attorney

A man accused of flashing drugs and cash at young girls, trying to lure them into his car, pleaded not guilty to two related charges, though more charges may be forthcoming. 

Kyle Hackney, 31, is facing two felony charges: furnishing a controlled substance to minors, with the added allegation that he is four years older than the minors, and a charge for having a loaded and operable firearm at the time he possessed the controlled substance, a handgun. 

A judge ordered the media not to show the man's face on camera. 

Hackney spent a week traveling to locations where young girls and boys would hang out, according to Deputy District Attorney Claudia Plascencia. The minors were all between 13 and 17 years old, she added. 

On Aug. 21, he first made contact with young girls, Plascencia said. Hackney would offer drugs, liquid ecstacy, large amounts of cash and elicit services to girls, Plascencia said. 

He continued to contact young girls up until Aug. 25, the day he was arrested. 

Two young girls were sitting on a bench near the Head Start Facility on Linda Vista Drive that day when the suspect parked directly in front of them. They say there was money spread out on the dashboard and he was also holding money, apparently trying to lure them toward his vehicle, according to officials.

The two girls, aged 13 and 16, were frightened, but able to get the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle.

Hackney was driving a gray Nissan Pathfinder, deputies said.

Three days earlier, a man in a white Chevrolet Tahoe was parked outside the San Marcos Senior Center on Richmar Avenue.

The man was flashing money and promising children they could make easy money and he was looking for a "good time", deputies said.

Deputies say they believe Hackney was the man in the Chevy Tahoe. In that case, a potential victim shot video of the Hackney in the white Chevrolet Tahoe.

At this time, Plascencia said, the DA has charged him with the charges they can prove without a reasonable doubt. However, she added, that does not mean more charges will not be forthcoming. 

The investigation is active and ongoing. Members of the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force and Sheriff's Department Substation in San Marcos continue to look for additional victims. Anyone who may have witnessed either event or has additional information can contact Detective Daniel Wilson at (760) 510-5241.

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