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Man Charged with Child Abuse Back in Community: Neighbors

Alexander Burger, 22, pleaded not guilty at his last arraignment.

East County residents are concerned after learning a man charged with trying to have sex with a minor and sending her inappropriate texts is out on bail. 

NBC 7 obtained court documents showing Alexander Burger,22, has been criminally charged with child abuse. Specifically, he’s been charged with sending harmful sexual messages to a minor and attempting to have sex with a person younger than 16 years old. 

Burger pleaded not guilty through an attorney.

Though he has not been convicted, neighborhood parents are picketing in front of his house, trying to raise awareness. 

Courtney Williams said Burger lives across the street from her family and his windows face her children’s play area.

“I understand you’re innocent until proven guilty, but I have a right to protect my children, and I have the right to know if somebody’s been charged with crimes against children,” said Williams.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) confirmed they have an open investigation against Burger.

NBC 7 knocked on his door and left a message, but received no response as of Tuesday evening.

Neighbors are also concerned because they said Burger lives just a few hundred feet from a middle school.

“Nothing is stopping him from walking over there to soccer practice. He can pass as another kid. We don’t know what he could do,” said Williams.

It’s unclear how Burger knew the alleged victim. The superintendent of Lakeside Union School District said Burger never worked for the District, and he does not know of any students involved in the case.

Burger’s next court appearance is August 23 at the El Cajon court house.

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