Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman As She Slept in Golden Hill

A 21-year-old man faces six felony charges after police say he entered a woman’s open window in Golden Hill and sexually assaulted her as she slept.

Daniel Gomez made his first court appearance on Tuesday in connection to the Oct. 11 attack. He pleaded not guilty to forcible rape, sodomy, burglary, robbery and making criminal threats.

A judge set bail at $1,250,000.

Gomez also has been charged with a separate burglary that occurred last Wednesday, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say on Oct. 11, Gomez slipped through the victim's window as she slept in her B Street home.

Using a knife, he allegedly raped, sodomized and robbed her. Gomez then ran away, according to police. 

Officers arrested Gomez in connection to the attack last Thursday.

Most who live in Golden Hill say it's a gentrified community of unlocked doors and open windows, even at night, but the brutality of the alleged attack is stealing away some of the residents' sense of security.

Kimberly Morgan, who usually works at night, said she adjusted her schedule to feel safer.

"Since that happened, I haven't driven at night. I haven't," she said.

The incident may be rare and isolated, but it's having a universal affect on Golden Hill.

"I would be a little more careful," said resident Mike Kravcar. "I wouldn't leave my back door open, unlocked, what have you." 

If convicted on all charges, Gomez could face 75 years to life in prison. He is scheduled to next appear in court at the end of the month.

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