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Man Accused in Deadly South Bay Road Rage Stabbing Will Stand Trial

Horace Williams, 36, was stabbed during a road rage incident involving Rickey Smith, 60, on Willow Street and Sweetwater Road last November.

The man accused of stabbing a father of five to death in a road rage incident in the South Bay last November will stand trial, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Rickey Smith is accused of stabbing Horace Williams after the two got into an altercation on the roadway.

Witnesses took the stand and told the judge about what they saw on the morning of November 27. One witness said she saw Williams' van pull up alongside the truck and then saw a napkin being thrown out the window.

Another person testified he saw Smith tailgating and bumping Williams' van before he pulled in front and slammed on his brakes, causing Williams to rear- end him.

Smith’s defense asked the judge to reduce his bail and allow him to return home under house arrest for medical reasons, but the request was denied.

Sasha Martinez, Williams’ fiancée and mother of four of his five children, told NBC 7 she never wants to see Smith get out of jail.

“He followed him and he charged at him and all of this could've been easy just by letting him go and he didn't. He decided to end his life for a senseless act and now my daughters won't have their father at all,” Martinez said.

The Medical Examiner testified that Williams was stabbed seven times.

“I saw the Nissan Quest van driver [Williams] went out with a lot of blood walking towards us and he went right next to his van, calling someone,” witness Kevin Salinas Abru said from the stand. “He was falling a lot like he was dizzy.”

Smith’s defense argued that Williams threw the first punch, and said Smith has a brain injury and couldn't risk being struck so he fought back.

Smith was arraigned following the hearing and pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges. If convicted, he’ll face 26 years to life in prison.

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