Man Accused in Bizarre String of Violence Dies

A man suspected of killing his girlfriend, car jacking, and assault with a deadly weapon has died.

28-year-old Terry Sayachak’s girlfriend was found dead inside his car on Elizabeth Street in Mountain View Monday night.  The discovery came just hours after the suspect led police on a pursuit in a different vehicle.

" I was coming round the corner and it was like a high speed chase I guess," neighbor Lloyd Smith said.  "It sounded like a big old bang, like a loud bang."  The chase ended with a crash on the 800 block of 46th Street.  

Sayachak was a suspect in a string of violent crimes that began earlier in the evening.  Officers said they were called to Z Street where Sayachak was reportedly threatening his father with a gun.  Police said Sayachak drove off with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Phet Omdara.

"Either killed his girlfriend en route or killed her here on the block.  In any event she was shot to death," police Lt. Kevin Rooney said.

Sayachak's car was found parked on Elizabeth Street with Omdara’s body in the passenger seat.  After the murder, police said Sayachak ditched his car and carjacked a man waiting at a red light.

"Sayachak actually got in the passenger side and demanded the man drive in a certain direction," Lt. Rooney said

The driver spotted police and got out of the vehicle.  Sayachak got behind the wheel, leading police on a chase that ended a few blocks away with the suspect crashing into a parked car and seriously injuring himself.

Sayachak died at 1 p.m. Tuesday in a local hospital, the medical examiner’s office said.

Investigators are still looking for a motive.

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