Major League Game on Minor League Budget

Saving money at a Padre Game

 Can you enjoy a major league baseball game on a minor league budget? There are ways to enjoy a Padres game and not break the bank.

  1. Buy your tickets in advance. Petco park is selling tickets on a variable price model. That means popular teams and giveaway nights can see prices go up as it gets closer to game time. Saturday games can be sellouts so buy your ticket now rather than wait.
  2. Look for discounts. Throughout the season there are promotions that can include cheaper price tickets.  There are senior tickets that knock off $6 on any available tickets prices at $14 dollars and above.
  3. Military deals. Military and First Responders get 25 off any game in any seat location.  The Military gets 50 percent off on Sundays with a valid I.D and First Responder get 50 percent off on Friday tickets.
  4. Coca-Cola Fun Pack.  For kids who want to eat at the ball park and don't care where they sit, look into the Coke deal that offers $15 tickets that include a ballpark hot dog and small soda.
  5. Bring your own food.  Petco Park has a very liberal food policy.  You can save a bundle by bringing your own sandwiches and snacks.  You can bring a sealed drink of a certain size.  You must bring the food in a soft container that can fit under your seat.  Check the Padres website for details.
  6. Adjust your seating.  Petco Park is one of the few ballparks that allows you to walk completely around the playing field.  Find a reasonable seat, or even a Park in the Park seat, and then simply walk around and enjoy the few.  You can eat a hot dog up behind home plate even if you have the cheapest ticket in the ballpark.
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