Macy’s Open 48 Hours Weekend Before Christmas

Will consumers shop in the middle of the night?

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The megastore Macy's will be open for a straight 48 hours the weekend before Christmas.

Black Friday sales started earlier and earlier this year and now last minute shoppers have their own special shopping spree.

Marketing expert Bernhard Schroeder from San Diego State said this move for a non-stop shopping weekend may give Macy's an edge with last minute shoppers.  And is bound to get the attention of other retail competitors.

"While there is one part of me that says, 'Wow, what is our society heading into?' the marketing side of me says, 'Game on.'"

NBC 7 asked some shoppers if they would make purchases in the middle of the night. It was a mixed response.

"No, I'll be asleep at that time," said one shopper.

Another said she'd take advantage of the unusual time.

"If there's less people out, why not?" said another shopper.

It could help Macy's compete against online retailers, according to Schroeder.

Macy's hopes they can create a sort of Black Friday buzz for bargain shoppers and procrastinators.  But the question still remains: Who will end up shopping in the middle of the night?

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