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Machete-Armed Man Attacks Ex-Wife's Boyfriend After Crashing Into His Car

A man armed with a machete threatened a Chula Vista family after he crashed into a car and then went on a violent rampage.

Police got a report just after 8 p.m. of a man swinging around a machete and jumping up and down on a car along Sipes Circle near Palomar Street.

Officers say the suspect crashed into his ex-wife's boyfriend’s car and tried to stab the boyfriend through the window several times.

The boyfriend eventually ran away but the suspect’s ex-wife came out of the house. That’s when the suspect started chasing her, police said.

An off-duty Border Patrol officer in the area and drew his weapon on the suspect and he stopped chasing her, but when Chula Vista Police Department officers arrived he ran.

Officers eventually caught up to the suspect a couple blocks away and arrested him. He was taken away in an ambulance with unknown injuries.

The sister of the ex-wife told NBC 7 the suspect has been stalking the entire family for the past two weeks. They've been very worried and were trying to get a restraining order, the sister said.

According to the sister, the suspect and his ex-wife are divorced and have four children together.

The suspect's sister was also at the scene and was seen apologizing to the other family, saying her brother is not well.

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