District Attorney Has Not Filed Charges Against Lyft Drive Accused of Stabbing Passenger

The driver was released from jail on bail

The San Diego District Attorney's Office said Tuesday they have not filed charges against a former driver for the ride-sharing service, Lyft, who was arrested in connection to the stabbing of a passenger. 

A scheduled arraignment hearing did not take place in the courtroom Tuesday. 

"We only file charges when we believe we can prove them beyond a reasonable doubt," said Tanya Sierra of the District Attorney's Office in a written statement Tuesday. 

The driver was released from jail on bail. 

Police said the driver picked up three people who could not give a location where to be dropped off around 1:16 a.m. Sunday. 

The driver told the passengers to get out of the car in the 6100 block of Caminito Del Oeste in Linda Vista.

The riders and driver got into an argument, police said, and he stabbed a 27-year-old male passenger in the chest. 

A witness, who wished only to be identified as Steve, said he watched the whole incident from his son's bedroom window. 

Steve said the driver was insisting he drop his three passengers at a specific address on Caminito Del Oeste.

"Does it really matter to a Lyft driver that they drop them at point A or point B, 10 units down. It makes no sense to anybody," Steve said.

The argument spilled out of the Lyft car and into the street, he said and after voices were raised, the knife came out.

The driver has been terminated by Lyft. The company sent NBC 7 a statement:

“These allegations are disturbing and unacceptable. The safety of our community has been our number one priority from day one, and there is absolutely no tolerance for this behavior on the Lyft platform.

The driver told police he stabbed the man in self-defense. 

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