LT Not a Fan of San Diego Raiders Idea

Bolts great was not enamored with the thought of the Raiders moving to SD

On Saturday night it is a darn good chance that Chargers legend LaDainian Tomlinson is going to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

If anybody deserves to be first-ballot, it is this guy. Tomlinson is one of the greatest football players at any position in football history.

He’s in Houston for the Super Bowl festivities and was asked about the possibility of the Raiders calling San Diego home. He said "That would be awful."

Now I love L-T with a passion. He is a wonderful man. But he's wrong here.

Would it be awful for San Diego to have the NFL back? I just don't think so. I understand, the Raiders were HATED by those great teams in the mid-2000's and that is hard to let go.

A rivalry is even better when the teams literally cannot stand one another. But the bottom line here for me and a lot of other Chargers fans is this: I want to root for the team that wants to be in my city.

So if it happens eventually and the Raiders call San Diego home I will be first in line for Silver and Black hats.

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