Fans Prepare to Possibly Say Goodbye to Chargers…Again

The Chargers lost 37-27 to the Chiefs Sunday

It was game day at Qualcomm Stadium Sunday, and the 37-27 loss to Kansas City was possibly the last.

“It’s like well fine. I'm done,” Chargers fan Gail Tompkins says in defeat.

She's been a Charger fan for 38 years. Last year she was almost in tears over the possibility of the team moving.

“It's not as emotional as it was last year only because we've been on this roller coaster,” she explains.

Deep in Charger tailgate land, the "Save Our Bolts" campaign is alive and well.

The looming move very much on their minds.

“This could possibly be the last game at this stadium - Don't you dare say that,” one fans tells NBC 7.

As for feelings over parting a second time around fans say they don’t know how hard it will be, but that “the love never changes.”

The team staying is what these die hard fans want, but above everything they just want resolution.

“Is it the 15th of January or something they have to make a decision?” Tompkins asks NBC 7. “Hopefully he'll make it after this game and let us know.”

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