Owner of Lost Pig Yet to Come Forward

The Department of Animal Services is looking for the animal's rightful owner

Anyone missing a pig?

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services is searching for the owner of a pig found wandering the Casa De Oro area of Spring Valley this week.

How could you miss this little piggy?

The pig has been staying at the department’s animal care facility in Bonita since Oct. 11. But animal care workers are looking for someone to bring home the bacon.

“We are looking for the owner of this little girl and the owner will need to identify what she was wearing when she came to us in order to claim her,” a Department of Animal Services Facebook post reads.

On Monday, animal care workers confirmed that the pig's owner had still not come forward, despite the media and social media coverage.

Workers said the pig could be up for adoption after receiving medical treatment for a hernia.

You can call the department at 619-767-2675 if you think it's your pig.

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