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Lost a Pet During the Holiday Weekend? Here's What to Do

The San Diego Humane Society said more than 100 lost pets were brought into their shelter over the Fourth of July weekend

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One unfortunate part of Fourth of July celebrations is the effect it has on our pets. The scary booms of what seem like never-ending fireworks for our furry companions can spook them and cause them to run away in order to seek safety.

The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) said its received more than 100 lost pets over the weekend who wandered off from their homes – likely because of the fireworks. So far, only about 10 have been reunited with their rightful owners and they expect more lost pets to be brought to their shelter.

Anyone who spots a lost companion is encouraged to look for its owner before taking it to a nearby shelter, SDHS said.

“We would really like for you to try to locate the owner within your neighborhood,” said Nina Thompson of SDHS. “It may be that they’re very close by, just a block away or something like that. So if the pet has a collar with a tag on it and there’s a phone number, please call that number.”

Thompson recommends posting a photo of that pet on social media platforms. Posting a picture on community-oriented sites like the Nextdoor app or on Facebook groups could help, as well.

Pets without a microchip or collar can be available for adoption within just four days, so families who lost their furry friends can check their local shelters to see if they’re there.

For more information on lost pets, visit the San Diego Humane Society’s lost and found page.

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