Lorena Gonzalez Announces Run for California Secretary of State in 2022

Gonzalez currently represents California's 80th State Assembly district

A local state assemblymember announced her run for Secretary of State with the hopes of becoming the first Latina to be elected to a statewide office in California.

Rep. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher said in a Facebook post Monday that she has filed her statement of intention to run for Secretary of State in 2022.

Gonzalez is currently serving as the representative for California's 80th State Assembly district.

She won re-election in 2018, receiving 75 percent of the votes. Gonzalez has been representing the 80th district since 2013.

“I am the daughter of an immigrant, raised by a single mom. I was elected to office as an advocate for workers and people like me,” her post read.

Gonzalez said the reason she announced her run so early was because, “In California’s 169 year history, a Latina has never been elected to statewide office. Not one.”

She noted that she will still run for re-election in the State Assembly in 2020. State assemblymembers' terms last two years.

One Facebook comment questioned Gonzalez’s ability to run two campaigns while holding office, to which she replied, “If you see me slipping, you let me know.”

Gonzalez is married to Nathan Fletcher, who won a seat on the County Board of Supervisors in 2018. Fletcher represents District 4 and won with 66 percent of the votes.

To learn more about Gonzalez and her policies, visit her website.

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