Looting Suspect Apparently Caught Red-Handed During Lilac Fire Evacuations

Former Police Officer turned Realtor says he caught the suspect as he was checking on his client's home

A woman suspected of looting while a Bonsall neighborhood was evacuated for the Lilac Fire was caught red-handed, according to a former police officer turned Realtor who helped make the arrest. 

Torrey Cluett is a Realtor with Home Quest Advantage Properties and has a quite a unique skill set — he's also a former police officer for Carlsbad Police Department. 

Cluett was checking on his client’s soon-to-be home on Disney Lane in Bonsall Saturday morning when he says he noticed suspect Sacheen Silvercloud hiding behind a fence on the property, looking at him.

"I told her I was going to call the police. She immediately jumps up and looks around like she's going to run.  At that point, I told her, if you make me run in cowboy boots, we're going to have major problems," Cluett explained.  "As I'm looking at her I'm also looking past her and into the vehicle and I can see several items that were inside the house."

Linda Lietzke, the caretaker for the home, says those items belonged to her.

"I had an old beat-up card table that was against the shed that was in the trunk. I had an easy-up canopy in a bag that she had in the back seat, and an umbrella." Lietzke said.  "I feel very fortunate she got caught, and hopefully a lesson learned for others who may be tempted during difficult times. It's not the answer."

Silvercloud was officially charged in court for burglary Wednesday.  She was also charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Silvercloud is expected to be back in court for all charges December 22. 

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