Looking for the Perfect Proposal? There’s a Company for That

San Diegans have mixed feelings on the contractor who plans others' proposals

Many men struggle picking out an engagement ring, and once that's done, there's the stress of how to propose.

That's where theheartbandits.com comes in.

The company provides proposal consultants to help plan the perfect proposal.

"Women have been dreaming about the day they are going to be proposed to their entire lives," said Michele Williamson, co-owner of theheartbandits.com. "Their expectations are going to be something that it's going to be hard to meet."

Williamson came up with the idea for the marriage proposal planning company after her husband's proposal fell a little short.

"Marvin's proposal to me was just, it could just have used a little bit of help," she said.

From fairytale proposals on the beach to private picnic in the mountains, the company has pulled off magical proposals all around the country and even in Mexico.

To make it personal, they try to learn as much as they can about the person they are going to surprise. The company sends a questionnaire to learn more about the fiancée.

For $100, the Heart Bandits website will give clients five personalized proposals to choose from.

Event coordination comprises 20 percent of the cost of the surprise.

Williamson said the average client pays about $1,000 to wow their sweetie.

Some helpful proposal tips from thehearbandits.com include: have a budget for the proposal, don't propose without a plan, enjoy the moment and make the proposal all about your intended.

"Don't make it about you," Williamson said. "If the guy likes to play hockey, that doesn't mean she want to be proposed to on a hockey puck."

And although men are buying the proposal packages, not all of them are necessarily happy about this subtle hint.

"I think it's sad that you'd need a consultant to tell you how to propose. If you don't know your partner well enough to know what kind of proposal they would appreciate, then maybe you shouldn't get married," said David Grandis from San Diego.

 "A little planning from the heart, and you really can't go wrong. Public spectacle, having someone else plan it, bordering on embarrassing and you already have gone wrong," said Todd Pichierri from San Diego."Bottom line is...do it yourself. If the girl doesn't like it, maybe you have the wrong girl."

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