Longer Days in School, Shorter Summer Vacations

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At the prospect of spending more time in school, you might think students would say "NO WAY."

Surprise! Students at Los Penasquitos Academy in Rancho Penasquitos are already staying in school longer, and they say the effort is worth it.

"I think it's awesome because you get to learn more and write more and learn more science," said fourth grader Zain Sinclair.

Students go to school one hour a day longer,  four days a week, as well as eight extra days during the summer.

They, their families and teachers sign a contract committing to excellence, and standardized test scores are impressive.

But because of budget cuts, the program for third, fourth and fifth graders is in jeopardy.

The school and parents already have seen the extended time program dwindle. When it started in 2000, students had two extra hours a day, and three to four extra weeks in the summer .

The Los Penasquitos Elementary Academy Foundation, made up mostly of parents, is trying to raise money to keep the program alive.

If you would like to help, search the words extended time fight for more information.

As fourth grader  Hannah Liu said,  "It's the education and my future. It's going to carry me forward."

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