Del Mar

Long-Term Proposal to Stabilize Del Mar Bluffs

Imagine a tunnel going through Del Mar. Well it may be a reality in the next several years

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SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) and the city of Del Mar know that the tracks on the bluffs, where they are now, will not work long-term.

Engineers told NBC 7 the bluffs will continue to erode, so at some point we will lose the capacity to hold those tracks up on the cliff. So they're constantly looking at other options.

One idea that's gaining a lot of traction is moving the tracks all together to a different spot in between Interstate 5 and the ocean; and using a tunnel to keep the tracks at the same level.

"As you move to the east, it immediately goes up higher and the tracks more or less need to stay at the same level they are now," explained John Haggerty, Director of Engineering & Construction for SANDAG.

SANDAG is governed by a Board of Directors composed of mayors, councilmembers, and county supervisors from each of the region's 19 local governments, so residents can always contact their local representative with any questions or concerns.

This is obviously a big project and right now SANDAG engineers are working on several studies and looking at the alignment; and of course where to find the funding to do a project of this magnitude, so much more to come.

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