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Long Lost Cat Reunited With San Diego Family After 7-Months Separation

“He probably was a door dasher. He’s pretty outgoing so it wouldn’t surprise me that he would enjoy an adventure outdoors," said Thompson

A family that was heartbroken to move to Washington without their beloved cat, Badger, discovered he is alive and well in San Diego after a 7-month disappearance.

Their brown striped cat, Badger, went missing back in January. For months, the family posted "lost cat" signs in their San Diego neighborhood and on social media channels.

They assumed something terrible must have happened to the cat, said San Diego Humane Society officials. After an extensive search for the cat, the family reluctantly moved to Spokane, without any idea where the cat went or what became of him.

Three weeks ago, a San Diego County Shelter rescued Badger and scanned his microchip, directly matching him to his owners.

The family was elated when they learned that Badger was coming home to them, according to the San Diego Humane Society. They were in tears and full of disbelief.

Director for Rescue and Recovery, Sara Thompson, said the cat is generally in good health, despite being a little skinny.

"He’s in pretty good condition considering he’s been on the run," said Thompson.

Now, Badger has been sent on a plane to Washington to reunite with his family. Animal Services transported him to the airport and the family paid for his flight.

When asked how the cat managed to survive, Thompson considered different theories.

“We’re not sure. Cats are resourceful so he may have been foraging, or he may have been finding unique ways to survive," said Thompson. "Or he may have made friends with someone in the neighborhood and may have had someone taking care of him and feeding him.”

There's no way to know for sure how Badger roughed the 7-months on his own.

“It’s really hard to say. If only he could tell us," quipped Thompson, with a smile.

Animal Services reminded pet owners how important it is to microchip your pets. They said pet owners should also make sure to update their information whenever they move.

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