Logan Heights Suffering Worst Unemployment Rate in San Diego County

Unemployment in San Diego County continues according to SANDAG. The region’s unemployment rate is now 30.1% the hardest hit neighborhood is Logan Heights at 41.9%

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Unemployment in San Diego County is at an all-time high, according to SANDAG’s latest report. The unemployment rate is even worse for some neighborhoods.

Logan Heights is the hardest hit community in the county, suffering a 41.9% unemployment rate compared to the county’s overall rate of 30.1%.

Nearly one in two people living in Logan Heights is without a job.

Rosita's Flower Shop is located in the heart of Logan Heights on National Avenue.

“By being laid off how, how are they surviving?" shop owner Rosa Casanova asked about her former employees. She's had to lay off two so far.

“We cried, they were the ones who said to me ‘we can’t ask you to continue with us,’ but I said I don’t want you to go,” said Casanova through tears.

While the pandemic is weighing on the flower shop that has called Logan Heights home for 14 years, the grandmother of four said she's overcome many crises over the years and is pulling for her neighbors.

“They have to make sure they either pay rent or bring food to their children so the last thing they’re going to think is about flowers,” she said.

Melissa Adan
Rosita's Flower Shop is located in the heart of Logan Heights on National Avenue.

Casanova was denied a small business loan, but said she’s determined to keep running. She’s run her business for several decades, first in downtown San Diego and later moved to Logan Heights. She’s also decorated the Breeders' Cup three times.

“I have accomplished a lot but I’m still not ready to give up,” she said through a smile.

According to the SANDAG report, following Logan Heights, College Area, Golden Hill, and City Heights round out the top four neighborhoods with the highest unemployment rate in the County.

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