San Diego

iPads, Laptops Stolen in Burglaries at Logan Heights Elementary Schools

The schools have recovered the stolen electronic devices without damage

Two preteens arrested in connection with burglaries at a couple elementary schools in Logan Heights were released to their families, said school officials Wednesday.

According to the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), both juveniles did not have any history of previous offenses. The electronic devices they allegedly stole on Sunday were recovered and returned to the schools.

In the break-ins, two iPads and two laptops were stolen from Burbank and Rodriguez Elementary Schools. San Diego police said the preteens stole from Burbank Elementary on Julian Avenue last Sunday afternoon.

The alarm went off at the school just before 4 p.m. Officers said six rooms were broken into.

Less than an hour later, the preteens were spotted running away from Rodriguez Elementary School on South 31st St. following another break-in. 

Police said both schools have been broken into other times in the past two weeks.

SDUSD officials said the burglars left behind a smashed window and a broken computer cart, causing a total of $1,000 in damages. The computer devices were reclaimed and appear to be in working order still.

Officers said the suspects are all under 13 years old. An investigation remains underway.

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